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You can finally buy a Singer convertible (if you dare)

August 17, 2022

What does Singer do?

Singer is an American company that specializes in building so-called “Porsche restomods”: classic Porsches with modern technology. All of the brand’s cars are made to the customer’s specifications, and so that may cost something. For a Singer, you’re easily out 350,000 to 1,500,000 euros. Solid amounts, in other words. Now, for the first time, Singer has taken on an old Porsche convertible: a 964 Cabrio.

Speedster performance

Singer’s new flagship has a body made of carbon. The convertible construction adds a lot of weight, which is offset by the carbon body. The “Singer Porsche 911 Cabriolet,” as the brand itself calls the project, has a 3.8-liter TwinTurbo Mezger engine under the hood. The double-bladed six-cylinder is good for 510 hp. So you could think of this 911 convertible of the 964 generation as a 930 Turbo without a roof.

Widowmaker 911

Shifting is by means of a six-speed manual transmission. The most fun (and exciting) thing of all: the Porsche has rear-wheel drive. 510 horsepower all going to the rear, in an ‘old’ 964… fierce! Some driving experience is therefore not an unnecessary luxury. Fortunately, the brakes are also carbon fiber, so you can quickly bring the Porsche to a stop. Those who are less courageous can also opt for a 450-hp version with all-wheel drive.

Luxury of a modern 911

The charm of all the cars Singer makes is that they look old – just look at those Fuchs wheels – but are packed with modern technology under the skin. Not only under the skin, by the way, but also in the interior are all kinds of modern gadgets and features that a modern person can no longer do without. Think climate control, electrically adjustable seats and even a wireless charger for your smartphone. The interior color is called Black Forest Wood and the exterior color Cadiz Red. How many units Singer will build and what you will have to pay for one is not known.

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