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Xpeng officially in the Netherlands – first model can be reserved online immediately

March 15, 2022

Chinese cars

More Chinese car brands are coming to Europe at a rapid pace. Think of MG , Nio , Aiways, Seres and Lynk & Co. Almost all of these car manufacturers make their European debut in our country or in Norway. Both countries are leaders in the field of electromobility. If you don’t sell well here, you can actually shake it all over Europe. In addition, it is neutral ground. Both countries do not have their own (significant) car industry, which makes it easier for a new brand to gain a foothold.

Xpeng P5

The first model that Xpeng introduces to us is the P5 , a family car that competes with the Tesla Model 3. The P5 has a 66 kWh battery, with which a range of 465 kilometers is feasible on paper. A larger battery pack will probably be available at a later date. Nothing is known about the power yet, but you can opt for two- or four-wheel drive.

Price Xpeng P5

In China you pay about 33,000 euros for the P5. It is not yet known how much it will cost in the Netherlands. You can’t order yet, but you can reserve. This can be done via the Xpeng app or via the website . It will be possible to take a test drive from the autumn and the first cars are expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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Xpeng Experience Store

In order to introduce the Dutch to the model range, Xpeng has opened an Experience Store in the Westfield Mall in Leidschendam. In addition to the P5, you can also view the P7 here. This 4.88 meter long sedan is a size bigger than the P5 (4.81 meters) and is a competitor of the Tesla Model S. It has an 80 kWh battery, a WLTP range of 530 kilometers and does 0-100 km/h. you in 4.5 seconds. The Xpeng X2 – a prototype of a flying car – can also be viewed in the trendy showroom.

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