World record: This is the first electric car to circumnavigate the globe

March 28, 2024

World Trip

In September, Ford will begin the first deliveries of the new Explorer in the Netherlands. To create some buzz around the model, Ford has come up with a remarkable stunt. They handed a set of keys to Lexie Alford, instructing her to take a trip around the world. After a six-month journey, the American has arrived at her final destination: Nice, France.

30,000 electric miles

Lexie Alford and the Explorer’s extraordinary journey spanned six continents, crossed 27 countries and covered more than 30,000 electric miles. The trip didn’t go off without a hitch. Local power outages in Africa, the lack of charging infrastructure in Chile’s Atacama Desert and the challenges of unpaved roads, mountain passes and freezing weather conditions were just some of the obstacles they faced.

Pre-production version

The car Lexie used for her record-breaking drive was a pre-production version of the new Ford Explorer. Various charging solutions ranging from 2.2 kW AC outlets to powerful DC fast chargers and even a mobile battery were used during the trip. It is not the first record for Lexie. She is also the “youngest person to have visited every country in the world.

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