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With this new ‘old’ Defender you can go on safari like this

June 12, 2024

Classic Defender

The DAKTARI Edition pays homage to the iconic Land Rover Series II, which was frequently used for explorations and safari trips in Africa in the 1960s. The special edition is packed with details that hark back to this adventurous era. It comes in Dark Grey colors with an Alpine White roof. Of course, this rugged version is on steel rims. The bumpers and door handles are finished in silver and there are unique graphics and a DAKTARI badge on the tailgate.

Two gray, classic all-terrain vehicles with white roofs are parked side by side in a studio setting, evoking the atmosphere of an exciting safari. You can easily imagine these Land Rover Classics or even a new Defender handling rugged terrain with ease.

405 hp

The interior is fully upholstered in Caraway leather. The Classic Infotainment System offers modern features such as navigation, DAB radio and Bluetooth, wrapped in a classic look. Of course, the elongated safari windows in the roof are not missing. Under the hood you will find the same technical specifications as the Classic Defender Works V8. The 5.0-liter V8 engine produces 298 kW (405 hp) and 515 Nm of torque, mated to an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission.

Interior view of a Land Rover Classic with brown leather seats, steering wheel and dashboard with a minimalist design and ample legroom, perfect for a safari adventure.


Land Rover Classic’s new Defenders are not entirely new. The specialist uses donor cars from 20212-2016. Each one has been carefully restored, modified and upgraded by Land Rover Classic. The suspension is fully addressed and equipped with Eibach suspension, shock absorbers, stabilizers and steering arms, while the Alcon braking system ensures good braking performance.

A rear view of a classic gray Land Rover Defender, reminiscent of the DAKTARI era, with a white roof and spare tire on the back against a clean, minimalist background.

hefty price tag

Production of the exclusive Classic Defender Works V8 DAKTARI Edition is limited to just ten units. The special edition is available on request in 90 and 110 body styles. The target price is 210,400 pounds for the 90 and 235,900 pounds for the 110, excluding transportation costs and import duties. So you will have to save quite a bit for this safari special.