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Will this new Dutch car be the summer hit of 2023?

November 3, 2022

Savage Rivale

Savage Rivale is a company that specializes in designing yachts and cars. In 2009, for example, they released the Roadyacht GTS, a Dutch supercar with a 6.2-liter Chevy-V8. The concept had been hatched by Emile Pop and Justin de Boer and was unveiled that year at AutoRAI in Amsterdam. In 2014, the curtain fell on the Roadyacht GTS. The project foundered because of a lack of capital.

New project

Dutch designers have not been idle in recent years and have built quite a few boats. But now the gentlemen once again venture into a car. Meet the Coastrunner EV: according to the brand, the ultimate beach and boulevard cruiser. It seats four and has a steel roll cage and a roll-up fabric roof.

Price tag

A 67 hp and 210 Nm electric motor provides the drive. On a full battery, the baby carriage can travel a maximum of 180 kilometers and the top speed is 120 km/h. Occupants can easily keep their drinks cool on the beach, as you can get a small refrigerator up front. Furthermore, the beach car is equipped with a 10-inch infotainment screen, a 60-liter luggage compartment and speakers.

The Coastrunner EV’s price tag is less “cool”: 64,000 euros. So you are more likely to come across the trendy baby carriage in the port of Marbella and Monaco than in Scheveningen or IJmuiden.