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What the hell? Honda unveils ‘Jazz RS’!

October 7, 2022

Honda Jazz is the Fit

In Japan, the Honda Jazz listens to the name Fit. The current generation has been on the market since 2019. The Fit is one of Honda’s most popular models in Japan. Not without reason, as the five-door mini-MPV is surprisingly well put together.

In Europe, Honda currently delivers the Jazz as a regular version or as a Crosstar with more adventurous looks. In Japan, the Fit is now getting an update. Those modifications are also expected to be made in the European Honda Jazz.

Stronger e:HEV powertrain

What’s new? The Jazz’s e:HEV hybrid powertrain gets a tad more powerful. Power is up to 90 kW (122.4 hp) and torque is 253 Nm. This makes the hybrid powertrain 14 horsepower stronger than before. Still, that’s quite a big power increase.

Honda Fit RS

In addition to the familiar versions of the Fit, Honda is also introducing a genuine RS version. Do not count on extra power here. No, the RS label refers to the more aggressive look and a sportier suspension. Various RS badges complete the party. In particular, the different grille, larger front air intake and subtle rear spoiler stand out on the Honda Fit RS.

Honda has also announced a conventional internal combustion engine for the Fit RS for the Japanese market. It will be presented in November, but in all likelihood will not come to Europe. On our continent, the Honda Jazz is only available with the e:HEV powertrain due to its CO2 emissions.

When the updated Honda Jazz will come to Europe is not yet known. In Japan, delivery started immediately.