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What is the best parking option at Eindhoven Airport?

July 8, 2022

The summer vacation has already begun for some. Many vacations begin and end at the airport, but what’s the best way to park your car? We’ve figured it out for travelers who travel via Eindhoven Airport!

Eindhoven is located in the south of the country. For many people, this is a long way to travel, but because of sometimes advantageous flights compared to other airports, you can choose Eindhoven Aiport. There are several ways to park at Eindhoven Airport.

Parking Eindhoven Airport

One of the most practical solutions for parking at Eindhoven Airport is parking in the Eindhoven Airport parking lot itself. You can of course arrange for someone to drive you so you can be dropped off at the kiss & ride, but Eindhoven Airport also offers various forms of parking. P1 Gold, P3 Silver, P4 Bronze + and P5 Bronze.

Gold Parking P1 is parking in front of Eindhoven Airport. Every day you can park your car here for free for 15 minutes, making it ideal for a kiss & ride. Once this time is up, you pay €3 per half hour up to a maximum of 5 hours. After that, the daily rate of €35 per calendar day applies. Eindhoven Airport also offers spaces for long and short term parking.

If you walk 5 minutes further, you will find the Silver Parking P3. This parking lot is designated for long term parking. Here you can only park with a reservation.

A 7-minute walk from the terminal brings you to Bronze Parking P4 and P5. This parking lot is mostly covered and you can go for long term parking. Also at this parking lot, you can only access it with a reservation.

To be sure of your parking spot, even at Gold Parking P1, it is wise to reserve your parking spot in advance.

External providers

In addition to Eindhoven Airport’s own parking lots, there are several external providers that offer parking spots around the airport. These can be parking spots at hotels, but there are also providers that offer parking with a shuttle. This is a parking spot that is not within walking distance, but is still an acceptable distance due to the shuttle. There are also deals where you simply drive to the departure hall, drop off your keys, and are ready to leave. The most luxurious option is a Park, Sleep and Fly package. In that case, you pay for an overnight stay, including parking for your trip and a shuttle that takes you to the airport. By using a third-party provider, you can arrange a parking space more specifically to your needs.

So there are many options to park your car at Eindhoven Airport. Choose carefully what best suits you and your budget!