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What is the Autotelex trade-in value of a car?

August 9, 2023

Valuation of a car

Thousands of professional car companies use data from Autotelex. The values in the Autotelex database are pretty much the norm when valuing a car you want to trade in. With the help of the Autotelex trade-in value, car companies can make a considered decision, for example in trade-in, insurance, damage, import and export.

Independent party

Autotelex has been providing insightful numbers since 1964. It is an independent party that provides objective valuations of individual vehicles and entire fleets. So if you trade in a car at a car dealership because you are buying a new car or used car, for example, chances are that the seller in question will quote an amount based on the Autotelex trade-in value.


It is wise to factor in a trade-in amount that is a bit lower than you probably envision. A car company often charges a margin of 3,000 euros. After all, the company has to make some money from it, too. They have to get the car ready for sale and, of course, they are also taking a risk by trading in a car. Because what if the car to be traded in turns out to be a “shopper’s daughter”? Yet an honest seller will also sell a “no” if the car to be traded in is not interesting. It occurs. But in most cases, you will simply be told a trade-in price. Or rather, an Autotelex trade-in value.

Autotelex trade-in value is an advisory amount

To answer the question, what is the Autotelex trade-in value of a car? This is a trade-in value based on the database of Autotelex, an independent party specializing in valuations. Of course, the seller is free to deviate from Autotelex’s recommended amount. A car salesman may also quote a higher trade-in amount. Sometimes there are also additional trade-ins where you get extra money for your old car.

Also free tools for individuals

Autotelex also has free tools for individuals, such as a tool to calculate the daily value of your car. What do you need for this? Your license plate number, mileage and the last four digits of your chassis number (VIN number). If you enter it into this tool, you will immediately see an estimate of the trade-in value. Small note: “The daily value and trade-in value are based on a margin vehicle. A margin vehicle is a vehicle on which a company or institution cannot deduct VAT. This is the case with privately owned vehicles. If it is a VAT vehicle, this increases the value, as does an above-average condition of the vehicle.”

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