What is a CD license plate?

April 25, 2022

Embassy employees

A CD license plate is used by people who work for the diplomatic corps. CD stands for ‘Corps Diplomatique’. Diplomatic personnel have a special status. This has been done to ensure that no incidents can occur that could jeopardize the neutrality of the personnel. Incidents involving personnel of diplomatic or consular officials can have far-reaching consequences. There could even be an international conflict, in the worst case scenario. The grounds of an embassy cannot simply be entered by citizens of the host country. The same applies to cars belonging to diplomatic personnel. These must be able to distinguish themselves, which is why diplomats’ cars always receive a special registration number: the CD registration number.

Registration CD license plate

The registration of CD license plates is slightly different from that of cars without CD registration. For example, performing a public license plate check on a CD license plate will not be successful. This is because the CD registration numbers are not in the public file of the RDW. This is to keep the origin of the license plate holder as secret as possible. This information is of course accessible to the police.

Rules with a CD license plate

The special rights that are derived from a CD registration are quite far-reaching. For example, a police officer may not just take a diplomat with a CD license plate off the road. This is only allowed in the event of a life-threatening situation. Traffic fines can be written on the license plate, but do not have to be paid by the embassy or the diplomat. Sounds pretty good, right? Unfortunately, it often happens that this is abused. We will not point fingers at certain countries.

What if a diplomat with a CD registration hits you?

As a diplomat you not only get an official car with which you can not collect fines, you are protected against practically every prosecution. For example, diplomats are expected to cooperate with a breathalyzer, but can refuse to do so.

Cars with a CD registration must be legally third-party insured . If the driver of a car with CD registration is liable in an accident, the insurer must simply reimburse the victim. It can also cause strange situations . For example, if alcohol is involved – and the diplomat refuses to blow – it is not clear to the insurer whether the policyholder is at fault. The insurer must then request the official report, but sometimes it is –  because of diplomatic immunity – not put up. In these exceptional cases, the victim always gets his money. From the insurer or the Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund, if the car turns out not to have valid insurance.