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What about your insurance after speeding

July 20, 2022

A recent study found that a fine is issued once every five seconds. So that means that every five seconds in the Netherlands someone is speeding. In addition, 80,000 fines were issued last year for people speeding more than 30 km. This raised the following question; are you insured when speeding? We started looking at the effect of your driving style on your insurance.

When are you driving recklessly

Speeding is seen by the insurer as reckless behavior in many some cases, as is drunk driving. The insurer then has the right to recover the claim amount from you. In addition, the insurer has the right to terminate the car insurance policy permanently.

Effects on your car insurance

Car expert Menno Dijcks says the following: “Driving way too fast can have a big impact on car insurance, you could end up with a criminal fine just like that. You will receive a fine if you drive more than 30 km per hour too fast inside and outside built-up areas. On the highways, this is at 40 km per hour. In the case of a criminal conviction then you are required to report this to the next eight years when applying for another insurance policy. For example, if you buy another car or want to switch to a cheaper insurance policy. Insurers can then reject you because you pose a “greater moral risk” to the insurer. So you can’t insure yourself as easily in the future.”

If you drive more than 50 km too fast in built-up areas, you can even take a mandatory course at the CBR. You will then not be able to drive again until you pass the course again. For speeding a lot on the highway or if the authority suspects you of racing on the highway, your driver’s license can be taken away for a longer period of time.

So how fast you drive definitely affects your insurance or the liability of your insurance. Where you drive is equally important so pay close attention to make sure you are not tearing into a residential area.

Planks on the autobahn in Germany

In Germany, there is no speed limit on the autobahn. However, there is an advisory speed of 130 km. For example, the German government states that driving faster than 130 km per hour increases the chances of an accident. Now unlike the Netherlands, you can’t lose your insurance for speeding but there is a chance that you could be held co-responsible for causing an accident. Therefore, also pay attention when accelerating in Germany.