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Volvo patents 14 new model names, these are them

September 20, 2022

Fourteen new names Volvo

Volvo Trademark Holding AB – as the relevant division of Volvo is called that patents names – recorded a total of 14 new model names in the so-called Global Brand Database on July 13, 2022.

The names are all enshrined in Category 12. This includes “electric vehicles” as well as “land motor vehicles. In short, these names were coined for passenger vehicles. An overview of the fourteen new established model names can be found below.

What stands out?

What stands out about the above list? That at least Volvo wants to stick to the 40, 60 and 90 number ranges. And the EX30 also stands out. Will that be the name of a future entry-level Volvo model? The ES40, ES60 and ES90 appear to be sedans, while the EV40, EV60 and EV90 belong to estates. The designations EX30, EX40, EX60, EX90, EXC40, EXC60 and EXC90 belong on crossovers/suvs.

Current lineup of Volvo

Currently, Volvo carries models such as the XC40, C40, V60, S60, XC60, S90, V90 and XC90. The Volvo V40 – a compact estate – has disappeared from the model lineup since 2019.

Electric Volvo target

Successors to the current models are expected to receive a slightly different name, such as with an ‘E’ suffix. This may indicate electrical versions. That wouldn’t be strange, since Volvo will only offer all-electric models starting in 2030. By then, the global portfolio will phase out all of Volvo’s combustion-engine cars, including models with hybrid technology. Volvo will be all-electric.

In the coming years, Volvo will introduce more electric models. The brand aims that by 2025 no less than 50 percent of global sales will be all-electric cars and the rest will be part-electric cars(plug-in hybrid or hybrid). By 2030, every new car that leaves the showroom must be fully electric.

Stroke of Volvo model names

Just because a manufacturer records a model name or type designation with a patent office does not necessarily mean that a car brand will use the name. A carmaker also attempts to claim names in this way so that other brands cannot use them. So maybe these new names adorn new Volvo models in the future, but maybe not.