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‘Volvo EX90 becomes safest Volvo ever’

September 22, 2022

Volvo speaks of a “new all-electric flagship. We should therefore see the Volvo EX90 as the successor to the Volvo XC90. As mentioned, the unveiling will take place on Nov. 9. Details are still scarce, but Volvo is already making some eye-catching statements.

Safety equipment

“Standard safety in the EX90 will exceed that of all previous Volvo cars,” promises Volvo. The car also becomes smarter and safer as it learns from new data and receives updates.

The Volvo EX90 comes with an invisible shield of safety that includes our latest sensor technology, enabling the car to understand your state of mind and the world around you.

Sensors and cameras

Advanced sensors such as cameras, radars and LiDAR, all powered by a central computing platform, work together to create 360-degree real-time images of the environment around the car. LiDAR can see small objects hundreds of meters ahead, allowing more time to inform, act and avoid.

Inside, there is also talk of “Big Brother is watching you. Special sensors and cameras are able to identify and measure eye concentration. This technology allows the EX90 to see when the driver is distracted, tired or otherwise inattentive.

New names at Volvo

But to return to the Volvo EX90 name for a moment. was previously able to reveal fourteen new model names from Volvo. The name EX90 was also on the list, suggesting capability that the remaining thirteen model names will also become reality. So at least count on a Volvo named EX30, EV40, ES40, EX40, EXC40, EC40, EV60, ES60, EX60, EXC60, EV90, ES90 and EXC90.

Volvo EX90