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Volkswagen’s 5 SUVs; a good idea!

January 10, 2024

The German brand Volkswagen has long been known as a reliable and solid car brand which makes family cars, among other things. Several decades ago, SUVs became more popular, and this German brand naturally capitalized on that. They also launched an SUV, which quickly proved very popular. Not surprising since a lot of thought had gone into what the car should look like. The solid and reliable quality and this combined with the innovativeness that this brand obviously also has. Today, Volkswagen owns several models in its catalog that can be classified as SUVs. Which ones are they? Here you will find them listed.

1.    The T-Cross 

To begin with a true all-rounder from Volkswagen, the T-Cross. Characterized by a striking and dynamic design, it is an eye-catching sight on the road. It is versatile, making it great for everyday use, but it is also great for the long drives such as a family vacation. The T-Cross is a gem in the Volkswagen collection.

2.    The Tiguan 

One of Volkswagen’s first SUV models is the Tiguan. A car that reflects Volkswagen’s solidity, it is an elegant but also robust model which is perfect for the average family. It is fine in the city, but you can also take it for longer adventures. Are you planning to go out with a lot of people and don’t want to have to select which guests can come along? Then the Tiguan Allspace is perfect for you. As many as seven people can sit comfortably in this! Therefore, the Tiguan Allspace is perfect for hitting the road assured of a powerful and stylish car.

3.    The Taigo

Then the newcomer to the collection, again a name beginning with a T and we are talking about the new Taigo. With this model, Volkswagen introduces its first SUV coupe in this class. What the Taigo excels at? From an elevated seating position, crossover body style and unlimited daily usability, Volkswagen introduces new and premium dynamics within its various SUVs. A model certainly worth considering for families.

4.    The T-Roc 

Then another model which is very versatile, this is because it is easily customizable to personal preferences and needs. An expressive crossover design forms the basis, from an agile size it is a perfect car for commuting. But it is also very comfortable on longer rides.

5.    The Touareg

Then the largest SUV Volkswagen currently has in its collection and that is the Touareg. A confident, straightforward design that has a timeless and unique character. Robust yet subtle, the Touareg has truly become a classic within the Volkswagen collection. High comfort and driving pleasure of a high standard, that is the Touareg.

In short, a Volkswagen and SUV have proven to be a good combination over the years. So the choice of options is also vast by now. So don’t hesitate to take a test drive and see which model you prefer.