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Volkswagen ID Xtreme offroad concept has secret on board

September 27, 2022

Always fun those prototypes. This Volkswagen ID Xtreme was specially designed for adventure expeditions. It is a four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle with tough looks and serious performance.

Features Volkswagen ID Xtreme

A raised rally suspension, 18-inch off-road wheels, reinforced front bar, custom front bumper and fenders manufactured via 3D printing give the car a tough edge. The roof rack with additional LED spotlights and the aluminum bottom protection ensure that you can also get out and about off-road.

Higher system power

As the basis is an old Volkswagen ID.4 GTX test car with an 82 kWh battery used. But as already indicated, this Volkswagen does have a secret on board. Because where the ID.4 GTX and ID.5 GTX kicking it up to “only” 299 hp, there this Volkswagen ID Xtreme has significantly higher system power.

Secret: stronger rear axle electric motor

In fact, a more powerful electric motor is placed on the rear axle. As a result, the car has 65 kW more than the Volkswagen ID.4 GTX, with a maximum power of 285 kW. That’s 387.6 horsepower converted. Perhaps we will see this powertrain in future Volkswagen models. Would be nice, because when even brands like MG are marketing electric powertrains with over 400 horsepower, Volkswagen can’t be left behind.