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Volkswagen ID. Buzz already sold out

August 22, 2022

Volkswagen ID. Buzz popular

In May, Volkswagen began production of the ID in Hanover. Buzz. The first copies are expected to come to the Netherlands around October. There appears to be a lot of enthusiasm for the new German MPV. According to Automobilwoche, it is already sold out for this year. Reportedly, the brand has already received 10,000 pre-orders. These are orders for the passenger and cargo variant.


The countries in which the most registrations were made are also known. Most of the ones rolling off the belt now will go to Norway. In fact, 3,400 Norwegians have ordered one. In Germany, 2,500 people have placed a reservation. The Netherlands is in third place, with 10 percent of European reservations: 1,100 units.

130,000 pieces

At its Hanover plant this year, Volkswagen is expected to produce 15,000 units of the ID. Building Buzz and Cargo. Next year, the brand hopes to screw together 60,000 units. In time, production should reach 130,000 units per year. In countries such as France and the United Kingdom, it is not yet possible to get an ID. Buzz to order. In 2024, Americans will not have the option of ID until. Buzz to order.

As for the Volkswagen ID. Buzz in the Netherlands costs you to read here: