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Volkswagen Amarok ready for fierce adventures

November 7, 2022

Volkswagen Amarok by Delta4x4

One of the most obvious modifications Delta4x4 applies to the Volkswagen Amarok is the raised suspension. This puts the Amarok 150 mm (15 cm) higher on the asphalt. That extra ride height accommodates large all-terrain tires of size 305/70 R18. Because the tires are a lot wider than those of a standard Amarok, Delta4x4 mounted wider plastic wheel arches to accommodate them.

Volkswagen Amarok Delta4x4
Delta4x4’s Amarok next to a regular one

Light in the darkness

In addition to the extra ride height and off-road tires, the modified Amarok has additional lighting in two places. At the front is a bullbar with an LED strip on top, and there is also an extra strip of light on the roof just above the windshield. That second light strip is integrated into a roof rack on which you can carry items such as jerry cans and a spare tire. If you get really stuck off-road, the winch in the front bumper may be your lifesaver. At the rear, Delta4x4 largely abandons the Amarok, except for a roll bar in the cargo box and two “Beast” stickers on the flanks.

Specifications Volkswagen Amarok Delta4x4

It is not yet known whether Delta4x4 will also take on the Volkswagen Amarok’s engine. At least the V6 logo in the grille indicates that the 241-hp 3.0 V6 TDI is under the hood. That engine also doesn’t really need any further modifications to get you well off-road. By the way, strictly speaking, the Volkswagen Amarok is no longer a Volkswagen: in fact, it is based on the last generation Ford Ranger. Not that that’s a bad thing: Ford’s pickups are already very capable off-road as standard. With Delta4x4’s modifications, you are already completely invincible.