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Volkswagen already scraps touch buttons on steering wheel

October 24, 2022

Normal push buttons on Volkswagen steering wheel

Schäfer announces the news about the disappearance of touch buttons on Volkswagen’s steering wheels at his own LinkedIn page, “We are sharpening our portfolio and design and creating a new simplicity in operating our vehicles. For example, we are bringing back the push buttons on the Volkswagen steering wheel, because that is what Volkswagen customers want.”

Touch buttons do not work

Models such as the Golf, ID.3 and ID.Buzz all have steering wheels with touch controls. So these steering wheels have buttons, but these are buttons that you operate in a different way. Through touch, in other words. And that doesn’t seem to work well at all in practice. It takes concentration to find the right function on the steering wheel. Moreover, as a driver, you often accidentally touch a button. Disturbing, then. This is the opinion not only of journalists, but also of Volkswagen’s own customers.

Listening to criticism: Volkswagen push-button steering wheel returns

Schäfer gladly listened to this criticism and decided to bring back conventional push buttons in Volkswagen interiors. Whether Volkswagen is also saying goodbye to the slide control controls for raising or lowering the temperature in the car is not known. As far as we are concerned, they too may be replaced by normal push buttons. That just works easier in practice. And simplicity is safer because there are fewer distractions along the way.