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Video – trailer of Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 4

March 4, 2022

Netflix Drive to Survive Season 4

With the last season of Formula 1 as the subject, the series should be a hit. Everything was decided on the last lap of the last race. We are curious how Netflix will portray the most exciting season in ages.

Verstappen or not?

Max Verstappen has already announced during the previous season that he is not satisfied with the way he has been portrayed by Netflix in the series. According to Verstappen, parts of interviews were pasted under images that had nothing to do with the statements. He had therefore indicated that he no longer wanted to work with the streaming service. We will soon see whether he has kept his leg stiff. In any case, Christian Horner does speak in the trailer and Max is also frequently portrayed.

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Who, what, when?

You can preview the trailer below. You still have to wait for the actual episodes of Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 4. The series will be available on Netflix from March 11, 2022. As with the previous seasons, this season also has ten episodes.