VIDEO: Spanish con man trick – Dutch Porsche traps at toll gate

July 24, 2023

Spanish scam trick

The summer vacations have arrived and the Dutch are flocking to southern Europe. In some cities and areas in southern Europe, it is wise to gild all doors even while driving. But sometimes you don’t expect to be caught off guard. For example, if you have to stop along the road because you have a flat tire.

Spanish scam trick

To warn tourists about scammers and criminals, Spanish police have released images of an unsuspecting Dutch Porsche driver. In the video below, you can see that Spanish criminals are after him. While the Porsche driver is distracted and paying a toll, a thief gets out of a “follow car” and quickly punctures a tire on the Porsche.

Known trick

The video does not show what happens next, but the Mossos d’Esquadra – the Catalan police force – reports that it is the well-known scammer’s trick, which requires drivers to stop to check their tire, then rob them. Criminals in other southern European countries are also using this tactic to rob unsuspecting drivers. In short: if you suddenly get a flat tire in southern Europe, be sure to stop your car in a busy spot and keep a close eye on the surroundings.

Watch the video in the tweet below: