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VIDEO: Skoda Vision 7S: fat electric SUV with 600 km range

October 24, 2022

Skoda Vision 7S

With the Vision 7S concept car, Skoda is showing what future electric models from the brand will look like more or less. Not only that, but plans for an all-electric seven-seater and the range that comes with it are shown with this study model. But in addition to a large electric SUV, the brand will introduce two more EVs in the coming years. In 2024, the first model – a Skoda Karoq-sized compact crossover – will hit the market equipped with the new design language. A B-segmenter will follow around 2025, becoming the little brother to the Cupra UrbanRebel and Volkswagen ID.2. The Vision 7S – as it is currently called – will not arrive until 2026.

Tech-Deck Face

The Vision 7S is the first model with which Skoda shows what we can expect in terms of design in the coming years. A key component is Skoda’s new “Tech-Deck” face. Characteristic of the front is the flatter and wider grille. The headlights are upright and have found their way to the corners of the car. The daytime running lights also have a prominent role in the front view of the car.


At the rear, the top line of LED lights extends across the corners, into the side panels. Both the front and rear bumper feature a layer of rubber derived from recycled car tires. T-shaped elements recur in the overall design, including thus in the front and rear lights, camera mirrors and door handles.

New logo Skoda

We also find on the outside the new logo of Skoda. The brand’s familiar round logo gives way to the written-out brand name in a new typography. For better recognition, the wing-shaped “haček” (the inverted roof on the S) is now integrated.

The interior of the Skoda Vision 7S

The Skoda Vision 7S comes with two interior configurations: Drive and Relax. In Drive mode, the driver has a head-up display with augmented reality and an 8.8-inch instrument cluster. The Relax mode can be switched on, for example, during a charging stop. The interior then changes in a smooth motion. For extra space, the flattened steering wheel and instrument panel rotate away completely. The front seats slide in and – like the seats in the second row – tilt back for extra comfort. The central display now rotates horizontally, for watching a movie or playing a game. Whether you can do a little gaming in this car can be seen in the video at the bottom of this article. While driving, the display is vertical and shows the map of the navigation, for example.

Car tires

Sustainable materials were used in the seven-seat concept car. For example, even the floor is made of recycled tires and the upholstery is 100% polyester. In terms of dimensions, this study model will be larger than the Kodiaq, Skoda’s largest car in the range at the moment.

Child seat in the safest place in the car

A child seat can be attached to the tunnel console, located centrally in the car. Research shows that this is the safest place in the car. A camera in the roof of the Vision 7S sends images of the baby to the central infotainment screen, allowing the driver and passenger to see the child without having to assume unsafe positions.


Under the skin, the Vision 7S features an all-electric powertrain with an 89 kWh battery pack, good for a WLTP driving range of over 600 kilometers. Charging is possible for the Vision 7S with up to 200 kW of power. These figures are theoretical for now, but sound plausible for a new generation of EVs from the Volkswagen Group.