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Video: Guest in open MX-5 braves snow storm

March 8, 2022

roof open

The driver of a – presumably first generation – MX-5 was seen and filmed on a snowy road near Templeton, Massachusetts in America on Route 2. He doesn’t seem to care if it snows or is -10 degrees Celsius, because he just drives with the roof open.

Fun or necessity?

The reason why the man drives open remains a mystery. The newscasters call the driver “out of his mind” because the roof is open. There is a chance that the driver is particularly resistant to cold, but it is more likely that the roof structure no longer works properly. The small convertible is known as extremely reliable, only the cloth convertible roof is not the strongest part of the MX-5. The news readers also do not seem to know that the MX-5 has rear-wheel drive.

The speed in it

The speed is in any case good with the rear-wheel drive. Probably due to a set of good winter tires . The news channel CBS News tries with the text ‘Drive Slow!’ warn viewers against driving in the slippery weather conditions.

Mazda MX5 sneeuwstorm