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Video: Extremely exclusive Pagani Zonda crashes into Ford Fiesta

September 6, 2022

Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta

Of course you are extra careful with your new car. Especially when only three copies of it exist and you paid a goddamn fortune for it. For example, 17 million euros, as in the case of a Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta. Yet, in Croatia, a Zonda went completely wrong, as you can see in the photos and video below.


The hideously expensive Pagani participated in a supercar event in Croatia and was in good company. Other exotics, such as a Bugatti La Voiture Noire, a Zenvo TSR-S, Apollo IE, two Rimac Neveras, an Apollo Project Evo and two Pagani’s Zonda Cinque were also on hand.

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Ugly slip

A video of the crash shows the Zonda HP Barchetta chasing an Apollo Project Evo. Not at high speed through a winding mountain pass, but just on an average road. Yet it goes wrong. The driver gives a big throttle in a faint curve, causing the rear end to slip and the Pagani to set course toward a gray Ford Fiesta, which is approaching on the opposite side of the road. The Zonda driver fails to get the nose of his car in the right direction in time, resulting in a collision with the Ford.

Expensive repair

The good news: none of those involved were injured in the accident. Both cars were severely damaged though. Financially, of course, the Pagani took the biggest hit, but physically, the Italian hypercar also seems to have suffered considerably more damage than the compact Ford. The left rear wheel, hub, brakes and suspension components were even ripped out of the Zonda and appear to have flown toward a house.

The left front wheel and a lot of carbon fiber elements on the left side are also in need of replacement. Given the car’s value – a whopping 17 million euros – it will likely be refurbished at the Pagani factory. The innocent Fiesta could also use some new sheet metal and axle and steering parts but seems less injured than the Pagani.

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