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Vacation tip: buy the most expensive and biggest caravan in the Netherlands

July 15, 2022

BE license

Meet the Kabe Imperial Hacienda 1000 TDL. It’s 11.6 feet long and offers seven sleeping berths, yet you don’t need a truck license to be able to hang it behind your car. A BE driver’s license (trailer license) is sufficient. Remarkable, since a little truck trailer is almost as long. For the brand new caravan (year of construction 2022) you have to put down 154,723 euros.


You do need a car almost as powerful as a truck to get the Swedish caravan off the ground. In fact, it weighs 2,426 kilograms. In addition, you can put another 400 kilos of stuff in the caravan. Then you’re at 2,800 kilograms. So with a Volkswagen Golf or Ford Mondeo, it’s not going to work.


To be exact, the huge device is 11.6 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. So you’ll have to stab it a few times to get it to the campsite. For 5,664 euros, the caravan builder installs a shunting system, which can help you do just that. At narrow, cramped tunnels in southern Europe, you need to pay attention. In fact, the colossus is 2.80 meters high.


You can have Kabe caravan fully personalized. This way you can choose all the materials in the decoration yourself. There are also plenty of options, such as underfloor heating (535 euros) and a panoramic roof (1,326 euros). The kids don’t have to be bored in the caravan: the little house on wheels is equipped with a 4G hotspot. Bring the Playstation and your kids will never step outside the caravan during the vacations. Great, then you always know where they are.

Technical toilet

A special detail about the caravan is that the toilet has a special function. In fact, the thing burns everything you flush. Therefore, you only need to empty the toilet’s tank once a year. For this so-called “Cinderella combustion toilet” you pay as much as 4,861 euros.

Buy a caravan

Should you want one, you will need to be patient. Kabe produces only a few copies per year. If you really want to go out this summer, you have to go to Nijmegen. There, a new Kabe Imperial Hacienda 1000 is for sale.

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