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Update for Toyota Yaris Cross, including stronger hybrid powertrain

November 22, 2023

Customer Feedback

A series of modifications, especially taking into account customer buying considerations, should make the updated Yaris Cross more attractive. Like the Yaris hatchback, the Yaris Cross gets a second hybrid powertrain: the Hybrid 130.

A new transaxle with a larger and more powerful electric motor-generator (MG1) provides the extra power over the Yaris Cross’ familiar 1.5-liter hybrid powertrain. Together with modifications to the power control unit (PCU), this provides a 14% increase in total system power, from 85 kW (116 hp) to 97 kW (132 hp). At the same time, the MG2 engine’s torque has been increased throughout the rev range, with the maximum increased by 30% from 141 to 185 Nm. The increased engine power and torque results in a 0-100 time of 10.7 seconds, a gain of half a second.

Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid 115

The new Hybrid 130 powertrain will be introduced in top-of-the-line models, including the GR Sport and the new Launch Edition. The existing 85 kW (116 hp) hybrid powertrain, now known as the Hybrid 115, will remain in the lineup.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2024

Quieter through insulation and smart dampers

The updated Toyota Yaris Cross benefits from a series of additional measures to reduce noise and vibration. We list five adjustments:

New multimedia system for Toyota Yaris Cross

The Yaris Cross gets an all-digital instrument cluster and a new Toyota Smart Connect multimedia system that is faster, more powerful and offers more features. The displays are 7 or 12.3 inches for the instrument cluster and 9 or 10.5 inches for the multimedia screen. The 7-inch version is standard on the Yaris Cross Active and First Edition trims, while the 12.3-inch version can be found on the Executive, GR SPORT and Launch Edition. Wireless smartphone integration has also been considered for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Thanks to a new multimedia system and a data communication module (DCM), software updates can be delivered “over-the-air.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2024

Smart Digital Key

Like the Yaris hatchback, the Yaris Cross is equipped with a Smart Digital Key. It is linked to the MyToyota app and allows up to five users to access the car via their smartphone. The digital key can be used to lock, unlock and start the car – without removing the phone from the user’s bag or pocket. The key is compatible with Apple and Android devices and comes standard on the Launch Edition. An annual subscription is included in the purchase price of the car. So count on having to pay for this “service” after that year.

The MyToyota app offers even more convenient features, such as remote lock/unlock, pre-trip climate control, and activation of hazard lights to help locate the car, such as in a busy parking lot.

Driver assistance systems Toyota Yaris Cross

Using a new camera and radar system that can scan farther and wider than before, there are more opportunities to detect accident hazards. For example, the Pre-Collision System (PCS) can now recognize a possible frontal collision and a wide range of objects and vehicles in the car’s path, including pedestrians, cyclists and now motorcycles.

Acceleration Suppression is a new addition to the Toyota Safety Sense portfolio. This system brakes sudden accelerations when if the system recognizes the risk of a collision with a vehicle in front.

Proactive Driving Assist (PDA) is another new feature designed to help avoid known accident risks when driving at low speeds. Deceleration Assist provides smooth deceleration when the driver releases the gas pedal to reduce speed when approaching a slower vehicle ahead or entering a curve. The second element of PDA is Steering Assist, which recognizes a curve in the road and adjusts steering force to help the driver make a smooth and stable turn.

The new Emergency Driving Stop System (EDSS) can support the driver if he or she becomes ill or unwell. If the system detects that the driver has not provided input – steering, braking, accelerating – for a certain amount of time, it issues a warning. If the driver does not respond, the system will gently stop the car, activate the hazard lights and unlock the doors.

With the optional Safe Exit Assist (SEA), a visual and audible warning system helps prevent accidental door opening in the path of vehicles and cyclists approaching from behind. The Rear Seat Reminder System (RSRS) alerts drivers with visual and audible signals if they have left a child or pet in the back seat, for example, to help prevent the risk of “hot car” incidents.

Interior Toyota Yaris Cross

Other Toyota Safety Sense features

In addition to these additional features, the updated Yaris Cross also benefits from upgrades to the familiar Toyota Safety Sense features. The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) has been revised to respond faster and operate with a more natural feel. For example, when another vehicle enters the car’s lane, braking is more subtle.  Distance settings have been expanded, giving drivers more choice to adjust distance to their preference, and speed reduction in curves is activated earlier, making speed control smoother.

New systems have been added to the ACC for safer overtaking: Overtake Prevention prevents inadvertent overtaking on the wrong side of a vehicle (“undertaking”) and Premature deceleration/linked turn signal control helps the driver get back in the lane safely with appropriate speed and distance from other vehicles.

The Lane Departure Alert (LDA) now recognizes when the driver has left his lane while trying to avoid an obstacle (pedestrian or other road users) and temporarily disables the warning function. The Lane Trace Assist (LTA) lane-centering feature has been modified so that it feels more natural. Road Sign Assist (RSA) has been improved so that just the push of a button is enough to adjust the speed limiter to match traffic signs.

Toyota Yaris Cross Launch Edition

There is a new flagship model of the Yaris Cross, the Launch Edition. The Launch Edition comes in Urban Khaki in bi-tone trim and with new 18-inch dark gray/polished five-spoke alloy wheels that enhance the dynamic, rugged look. In the interior, the upholstery stitching and trim on the dashboard and doors match the green body color. Platinum Pearl White and Silver Metallic bi-tone options are also available.

The interior seat upholstery gets a new pattern and a soft upholstery for the lower instrument panel has been introduced for all classes. Juniper Blue is available for the entire range.

Second quarter 2024

The updated Toyota Yaris Cross is expected in the Netherlands in the second quarter of 2024. Prices will be announced closer to market launch.

Interior Toyota Yaris Cross

Toyota Yaris Cross 2024

Toyota Yaris Cross 2024

Toyota Yaris Cross 2024