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United Kingdom takes sanctions against Russian millionaire who must save Spyker

February 23, 2022

Spyker returns?

On December 31, 2021, Victor Muller issued a special press release: Spyker would return in 2022 and put no fewer than three models into production. Spyker had entered into an agreement with new investors, Boris Rotenberg and his business partner Michail Pessis.

Rotenberg is a Spyker collector, the 621st richest person in the world and co-owner of the largest gas and power pipeline construction company in Russia. How did he get his hands on that company? Vladimir Putin has been his best comrade since childhood. They met at a young age at the judo club in Leningrad.

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British company

Victor Muller signed an agreement with Rotenberg at the end of 2021, after Spyker went bankrupt for the umpteenth time last year. Muller had placed everything that was left of the Dutch car manufacturer in the British company Spyker Ltd., with which Rotenberg now does business.

frozen money

Whether that money from Rotenberg ever ends up with Spyker is still open to question, because the Russian is no longer allowed to do business with British or British entities. Five Russian banks and three ‘wealthy individuals’ were sanctioned on February 22 by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after Putin sent troops to Ukraine. Rotenberg is one of those wealthy individuals, just like his nephew Igor. All assets they have in the UK will be frozen and no one will be allowed to do business with the Russian Spyker enthusiast anymore.

EU sanctions

There is a good chance that the EU will take similar measures, so that Muller can finally whistle for his money. It is not the first time that sanctions have been imposed against the Rotenberg. After the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, the US already imposed sanctions against the 64-year-old Spyker lender.

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