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Uninvited guest shuts down Mercedes-Benz factory

March 28, 2022

Close at six o’clock

More and more factories of car brands are (temporarily) closed . Usually because there is a shortage of parts and not because a ‘Big Cat’ walks into the factory. The latter was the case in India, where a leopard about three years old got lost in the Mercedes-Benz factory in Pune. Everyone had to leave the building, as a result of which production was stopped for almost six hours.


In the end, employees of the wildlife conservation organization Wildlife SOS and the local forest authority managed to sedate the leopard with a tranquilizer gun and then capture it. In a cage, the handsome animal was moved to Chaka, where he was then released back into the wild. All’s well that ends well.

Habitat shrinkage

A few years ago, a Suzuki factory was also evacuated because a leopard walked through the building. According to Wildlife SOS, these kinds of incidents are not so strange. The leopards’ habitat is shrinking, forcing them to move to areas where people live. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz plant is located in a region with the highest density of leopards in India.