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Twents gas station cannot show prices above 1.99 euros – cheapest gas station in the Netherlands

March 9, 2022

Millennium problem

Remember the Millennium Problem? At the end of the 1990s, there was great unrest among ICT experts, because many computers often only used the last two digits of the year when saving the date. For example, September 1, 1999 was saved as 9/1/99. The fear was that from January 1, 2000, a lot of computers would change the time to ’00’ — ie 99 years back in time. This would completely upset traffic lights, bank computers, missile installations and so on. It turned out to be not that bad after all, because a lot of old computer systems had long been replaced.

Cheapest gas station in the Netherlands

A similar problem is now occurring in the Twente village of Hengevelde. The analog pump installation of car company Hartgerink comes from the 1980s and cannot handle a petrol price higher than 1.99.9 euros. “Our pump system cannot handle the 2 euro price, it is not designed for it. No matter what we’ve tried, we won’t get the price adjusted.” employee Roy tells the Tubantia .

Petrol with a high discount

It soon became known in the region that you could refuel with a discount of more than 20 cents in Hengevelde, so that the station was visited en masse last weekend. “Someone even came with his trunk full of jerry cans, to fill them all here,” said Roy.

The car company has now decommissioned the pump installation. Do you still want to refuel dirt cheaply? Then you can visit the gas stations from the article below this week. They even offer a liter of Euro95 for 1.17 euros: