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Triumph completes testing phase of electric TE-1

July 12, 2022

Triumph TE-1

In case you missed this project from Triumph, we’ll give you a quick update. In early 2021 , Triumph shared the first images of a study model called the TE-1, the start of the British adventure in electric motorcycles. Triumph built a prototype in collaboration with a number of major parties who specialize in batteries and electric motors, among other things. Almost a year after that announcement, the project reached the test phase of development. This final phase has been completed and now Triumph is sharing the results.

The test results of the TE-1

After extensive testing, the range comes to 161 kilometers. This achieved all project goals in terms of the energy capacity of the battery developed by the Williams TE-1 project. Regenerative braking has been successfully implemented on the TE-1, but needs further optimization. Improved efficiency for the generator unit and transmission is also expected in the future, which could further improve the range of other Triumph electric motorcycles.

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Triumph TE-1-1

Power of 177 hp

The TE-1 prototype delivers peak power of 130 kW/177 hp, with peak torque of 109 Nm. The engine character would be direct, but doseable with smooth power across the rev range. Sprint times are 3.6 seconds from 0-100 km/h and 6.2 from 0 to 160 km/h. Those times are comparable to those of the current Speed Triple 1200. Triumph is hopeful that better performance is possible through further refinement of the electronics. In particular, better tuning of the traction control and wheelie control would make better use of the full torque.

Short charging time

Thanks to the collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE), the TE-1 project made a major step forward in battery and charging technology. The result is a charging time of only 20 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 80%. How and what is not mentioned, but it probably involves fast charging. At home, loading will undoubtedly take longer.

220 kg total weight

The Triumph TE-1 has a total weight of 220 kg. Triumph itself says this is up to 25% lighter than similar electric motorcycles currently available. The Triumph has the size of the Street Triple, but with the ergonomics, geometry and weight distribution of a Speed Triple. Thus, the TE-1 is fairly compact, which should improve maneuverability.


According to Triumph, the engine has a “unique, exhilarating sound that builds to a hair-raising crescendo thanks to a very distinct primary transmission with helical gears.” It should sound better than many an electric motorcycle, Triumph says. So we’ll have to wait and see exactly how it will be. In any case, Triumph already has the approval for the sound.


The unique collaboration between Triumph Motorcycles, Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain Ltd and WMG, University of Warwick, was funded by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles through Innovate UK. Testing involved the expertise of Daytona 200 champion Brandon Paasch. He participated in both the setup of the prototype on track, and the final evaluation of the engine performance.

When the production version of the Triumph TE-1 will be ready and when it will appear on the market is not yet known.

Triumph TE-1-2