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Traffic fines 2024: an overview of all fees

October 18, 2023

Rates increase by 10 percent

The amount of traffic fines is reset every year. The government looks at developments and also at the consumer price index (CPI), to compensate for monetary depreciation. For the 2024 traffic fines, the period between June 2022 and June 2023 was considered. Based on these figures, it was decided to increase the tariffs of the Traffic Administrative Enforcement Act (Wahv) for 2024 by 10 percent, of which 5.7 percent is inflation-adjusted and 4.3 percent is additional increase.

Higher fines: additional revenue for government

The 10 percent increase in the rates – as included in the Wahv document – will increase “Fines and Transactions” revenues in the Ministry of Justice and Security’s budget by about €43 million in 2024, rising to about €59 million from 2028. This includes the expansion of the number of digital speed cameras and focus flashers and the replacement of the current number of route control systems.

Administration fees fines 2024

In the Netherlands, the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB) is responsible for sending and collecting fines for violations. All amounts mentioned in this article on traffic fines 2024 do not include a 9 euro administrative fee. That amount will remain the same in 2024.

Traffic fines sensitive topic

The level of traffic fines has been a sensitive issue in the Netherlands for years. Indeed, in recent years, rates have risen each time. Sometimes with a few euros, but also with larger amounts. The fact is that in the Netherlands you have to pay handsomely if you commit traffic violations, whether it’s running a red light or speeding.

Traffic fines 2024

Approved 2024 traffic fine rates

In this article on Traffic Fines 2024, we list for you the final and thus approved rates of 2024 traffic fines. From general traffic offenses to the rates of speeding within a yard, inside built-up areas, outside built-up areas and on freeways. We also list these fines if there are roadworks.

Notable risers

A few notable risers in advance in the overview of traffic fines 2024: holding a cell phone in your hand while driving will still cost 380 euros in 2023, but that amount will increase to as much as 420 euros in 2024. An increase of 40 euros! Running a red light also becomes more expensive. In 2023 you will still pay 280 euros for it, but it will become 300 euros in 2024, an increase of 20 euros.

General traffic violations

Rates of speeding

In the overviews below, we list speeding ticket fees.

Exceeding the speed limit within the built-up area

Exceeding the speed limit in built-up areas during road works

Exceeding the speed limit within a yard

Exceeding the speed limit on (motor) roads outside built-up areas

Exceeding the speed limit on (motor) roads outside built-up areas during road works

Exceeding the speed limit on freeways outside built-up areas

Exceeding the speed limit on freeways outside built-up areas during road works

As of Jan. 1, 2024

So much for an overview of Traffic Fines 2024 rates. The government will implement these penalty rates in the Dutch penalty systems as of Jan. 1, 2024. From then on, these amounts will apply to traffic violations.

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