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Toyota Yaris Hybrid 130: new variant with extra power

June 1, 2023

One might argue after a four-year lifespan that a car does deserve a facelift, but Toyota is apparently satisfied with the appearance of the Yaris. In fact, the Japanese are not making any major exterior changes. Nevertheless, Toyota did not exactly make it easy on itself, because in addition to the Hybrid 130, the updated Yaris has a digital instrument cluster, a new infotainment screen with Toyota Smart Connect and improved driver assistance systems. We’ll walk you through the various innovations one by one.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid 130: Same recipe, more power

Let’s start with the new powertrain: the Hybrid 130. This new version will sit alongside the Yaris’ existing hybrid powertrain, which will be called Hybrid 115. The Hybrid 130 has, you guessed it, 130 horsepower. This effectively makes it half a GR Yaris in terms of power. Torque also increased to 185 Nm. The increased power is due to and larger and more powerful electric motor generator and revised Power Control Unit (PCU) software. With the increased power, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid 130 is a lot faster than before. The 0-100 km/h sprint is peaked in 9.2 seconds, half a second faster than the Hybrid 115. The intermediate sprint from 80 to 120 km/h is also half a second faster at 7.5 seconds.

Enhanced driving assistance systems

In addition to the powerful Hybrid 130, the other versions in the Yaris lineup also benefit from the innovations. For example, Toyota took a closer look at its package of driver assistance systems, Toyota T-Mate. For example, a new camera and radar provide improved operation of the Pre-Collision System. Intersection Collision Avoidance Support also has a larger operating area due to the new camera and radar. The system recognizes approaching traffic across two lanes and can detect bicyclists and vehicles merging from the side at an intersection.

Multimedia: digital instrumentation and smart connectivity

Toyota is scrapping the partially analog instrument cluster with the model year update to the Yaris. Instead, the Yaris now gets a fully customizable digital instrument cluster. Depending on the equipment level, it has a 7- or 12.3-inch size. The multimedia screen also grew; the central touchscreen now measures 9- or 10.5-inches. Cloud-based navigation is standard if you opt for the 10.5-inch display.

You can also get a digital key with the updated Yaris. It is linked to the MyT app and allows up to five users to access the car via their smartphone. They do not need to take the smartphone out of their bag or pocket to lock, unlock or start the car. So with that, the digital key works the same way as Keyless Entry & Start with the regular ignition key. Furthermore, Toyota is expanding the functionality of the app for the Yaris. For example, you can now remotely lock and unlock the car, activate the lights and control the climate control.

Yaris Premiere Edition: special introductory model

The redesigned Yaris will hit the market in spring 2024. Consequently, it is available with a new top trim: the Premiere Edition. This version is identified by the bi-tone paint color Neptune Blue with contrasting black roof and black window pillars. The blue theme returns to the interior thanks to special stitching and trim. All-new 17-inch black polished rims complete the look. Incidentally, Toyota also offers the Premiere Edition in Platinum Pearl White or Shimmering Silver Metallic colors.

Other versions of the Yaris also benefit from exterior modifications. Toyota added some new alloy wheels to the range and the seat upholstery has a new pattern. Furthermore, after the Aygo X and the Corolla, the Juniper Blue Metallic color will now be available on the Yaris.