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Toyota ramps up development of hydrogen Hilux

June 12, 2024

Hilux on hydrogen

Since September 2023, Toyota has been working with several consortium partners and with support from the British government to develop a hydrogen-powered Hilux. A total of ten prototypes of the hydrogen-electric Hilux have now been built at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK plant in Derby. Five of these vehicles undergo rigorous field tests to evaluate safety, performance, functionality and durability. The remaining five will be used for demonstrations to customers and media, including at the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A white-and-blue Toyota Hilux FCV pickup drives down a dirt road, raising dust. The vehicle has an H2O symbol on the side, indicating it is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle powered by hydrogen technology.

Advanced powertrain

The hydrogen-electric Hilux features technology from the Toyota Mirai, the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen-electric sedan. This technology gives the Hilux a range of up to 600 km. The hydrogen is stored in three high-pressure fuel tanks, while the fuel cell stack, consisting of 330 cells, is mounted above the front axle. Drive is provided by an electric motor on the rear axle, delivering 134 kW (182 hp) and 300 Nm of torque.

A stripped-down Toyota Hilux chassis with a visible hydrogen-fuel cell powertrain, showing the engine, fuel tanks and other components, against a blue and white background with technical icons.


Toyota expects Europe to be one of the largest markets for hydrogen fuel cells by 2030. That’s why the brand has announced the Hydrogen Factory Europe. With the development of their third-generation fuel cell technology scheduled for 2026-27, Toyota is aiming for higher energy density and longer driving range. These technological advances, combined with increased production volumes, are also expected to significantly reduce costs.

A white-and-blue hydrogen-powered Toyota pickup, marked hydrogen-Hilux, is parked near a pile of rocks on a gravel surface. The vehicle features designs and symbols indicating the hydrogen fuel system.