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Toyota Kayoibako: just take it into production

October 19, 2023


“Adaptable to every use so you can live exactly the life you want. That is the idea behind this ultimate expandable form of mobility that the brand is showing at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo in the form of the Toyota Kayoibako,” Toyota said in a statement.

Dimensions Toyota Kayoibako

The Toyota Kayoibako is 3,990 meters long, 1,790 mm wide and 1,855 mm high. The wheelbase comes out to 2,800 mm. Toyota has looked strongly at interior and exterior packaging. With a design that can be adapted to totally different functions, this battery-electric vehicle (BEV) can be used in numerous ways.

Toyota Kayoibako

Hardware and software

The Kayoibako is a BEV with both hardware and software that can be customized to specific functions. The car can function as part of intelligent networks and other intelligent social systems.

Last-mile solution or mobile store

For business applications, the Kayoibako will solve various challenges as part of the social infrastructure. In last-mile logistics, for example, the vehicle can contribute to smart distribution systems by enabling customization for efficient transport of small volumes. The Kayoibako can also be customized to meet the needs of local communities, for example by installing shelves for displaying products to create a mobile store or additional seating to serve as a shuttle bus.

Accessible and spacious

For private use, the vehicle can be customized to suit individual tastes and preferences, making it a unique vehicle. The Kayoibako not only caters to different personal needs and lifestyles, but also contributes to “Mobility for All” by enabling designs that provide easier access for wheelchair users, for example.

Toyota Kayoibako

Toyota Kayoibako