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Toyota Hilux pickup on hydrogen?

December 6, 2022

For the conversion, Toyota in England is working with D2H Advanced Technologies. The project is led by Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) in Burnaston and can count on funding from the British government through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC).

Prototype of hydrogen-powered Hilux in 2023

The first hydrogen-powered Toyota Hilux should be able to leave the factory gate in Burnaston in 2023. These are still prototypes. After that, a small series production is planned. In England, pickup models are quite sought after by companies. A hydrogen-powered Toyota Hilux is an interesting option for that audience. After all, hydrogen refueling is faster than battery charging. Hydrogen propulsion also allows for a long range.

Fuel cell components of Toyota Mirai

D2H Technologies will research and develop the necessary technologies to use fuel cell components from the second-generation Toyota Mirai in an electric-powered Toyota Hilux. The company is also investigating whether the pickup’s drag can be reduced. To do so, D2H draws on its knowledge and experience of motorsports, in which it has been active for many years.

Cooling and aerodynamics

An effective cooling system also contributes to an efficient drive. According to Toyota, it is crucial to maintain performance and reliability while ensuring that each solution can be produced cost-effectively. The consortium behind the Hilux project also involves engineering firm Ricardo, European Thermodynamics Ltd (ETL) and the insurance industry’s automotive research center, Thatcham Research.