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Toyota FT-3e has ‘next generation’ battery technology

December 4, 2023

New architecture for Toyota FT-3e

The Toyota FT-3e is based on the latest generation of battery-electric vehicle (BEV) architecture. On that basis, Toyota can develop a wide variety of products, including luxury sedans and performance sports cars such as the FT-Se. Toyota designed the new-generation BEVs with the lowest possible weight and optimal aerodynamics in mind. This provides greater efficiency and range, while at the same time Toyota focuses on resource efficiency.

Future technologies for Toyota FT-3e

The Toyota FT-3e is a concept car in which the manufacturer applies a wide range of future technologies. This goes beyond carbon-neutral mobility, as the FT-3e integrates into society as a transmission medium for data and energy – from the car to the environment and vice versa. So the car can also feed power back to the home or the grid, or to other equipment or BEVs.

Toyota FT-3e


“The body of the FT-3e has an impressive design that combines advanced styling with beautiful aesthetics. In doing so, Toyota designers have kept the lines and surfaces of the body as simple as possible,” said the Toyota design team. We have strong Jaguar I-Pace vibes upon seeing the model.

Displays in doors

Digital displays extend from the bottom of the body to the upper part of the doors. The screens display a variety of information as the driver approaches the car: including battery charge and interior temperature and air quality.

Toyota FT-3e Dimensions

The Toyota FT-3e is 4,860 mm long, 1,955 mm wide and 1,595 mm high. By comparison, the FT-3e is 17 cm longer, 14.5 cm wider and 5.5 cm lower than the Toyota bZ4X. The FT-3e’s wheelbase comes out to exactly 3,000 mm. The car accommodates five people.

Toyota FT-3e