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Toyota bZ3: electric sedan with 600+ km range!

October 24, 2022

New battery technology

For the Chinese market, the Toyota bZ3 uses a battery pack from BYD Toyota EV Technology (BTET), a joint venture established by Toyota, BYD Company and FAW Toyota Motor. The battery pack – consisting of lithium-ion and lithium iron phosphate, should give the Toyota bZ3 a range of more than 600 kilometers. Note that these are Chinese figures, according to a somewhat less stringent test cycle than our WLTP. Still, these are pretty impressive numbers. Toyota is not yet commenting on the capacity of the battery pack.

Scalable platform

Toyota does announce that the bZ3 will be built on the scalable e-TNGA vehicle platform. This platform will feature all bZ models. The term bZ stands for Beyond Zero. Toyota plans a complete bZ model lineup. The Toyota bZ3 and bZ4X will be followed by another small SUV, a medium SUV and a large SUV with a third row of seats. Below is a teaser of a coming bZ model from Toyota. That looks like a midsize SUV with coupe styling.

Teaser Toyota bZ model

Aerodynamic styling

The Toyota bZ3 has very aerodynamic styling, similar to that of the Toyota Prius. Toyota talks about a hammerhead-like design. Features include a long wheelbase, sloping roofline and very low drag. The cW value comes out to just 0.218.

Interior with hefty display!

The interior features a so-called Digital Island system, consisting of a large vertical center display with a tray-like console. The controls for air conditioning, music, trunk release and other controls are also integrated into the large display. Wireless charging of smartphones is also possible.

Toyota bZ3 dimensions

Finally, some basic specifications. The Toyota bZ3 is 4,725 mm long, 1,835 mm wide, 1,475 mm high and the wheelbase is 2,880 mm. There is room for five people. Thanks to the long wheelbase, passengers also sit comfortably in the back.