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Toyota APM (2024) walkaround – AutoRAI TV

January 4, 2024

Paris Summer Olympics in 2024

Paris 2024, or Summer Olympics in Paris in 2024. From Friday, July 26, to Sunday, August 11, 2024, these Summer Games will take place in a city where mobility is under severe pressure. Indeed, Paris is aiming for a largely car-free downtown. And then you’ve probably heard about the Paris Climate Accord. The goal of this agreement – signed in 2016 – is to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius. With a clear view of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Toyota is mobility partner

In 2024, as mentioned, Paris will be the venue for the Summer Games. In order to get all visitors and athletes to the desired locations, Toyota feels it has joined as an official mobility partner. That means Toyota will provide mobility solutions for all people during both the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris. Toyota provides 250 all-electric vehicles for individual transportation. Several hydrogen vehicles are also on the road, including 500 Mirais, as well as 150 wheelchair-accessible, electric-powered Toyota Proace Verso. Toyota is providing a total of more than 2,650 electrified passenger cars to the Paris Games organizers.

Toyota APM 2024

Toyota APM 2024

In addition, Toyota is deploying 250 zero-emission, electric-powered APMs. The APM used at the 2020 Tokyo Games has been redeveloped by Toyota – based on the experience and success during that event – in Europe and put into production here as well.

Accessible People Mover

So here you are looking at a new generation Toyota APM, presented at the Kenshiki Forum in Brussels that we attended. APM is an abbreviation for Accessible People Mover. With the APMs, Toyota aims to help athletes as well as the organization and spectators with physical disabilities, such as wheelchair users. APMs serve as the main means of passenger transportation in the Olympic and Paralympic Village. 

In some locations they are also used for freight transport and a small number serve as vehicles for emergency services. The APMs are deployed primarily within the Paris security zones. They are also used to supply caterers, for example, because there is room for a euro pallet.

What a RARE Toyota! – TOYOTA APM 2024 – AutoRAI TV

Toyota APM 2024 Specifications.

Curious about the specifications? Just read along. The Toyota APM 2024 has a top speed of 20 mph and has a driving range of 100 mph. Charging the battery pack takes about 5 hours with 220V. The vehicle is 3.7 meters long, 1.66 meters wide and 1.97 meters high. Production takes place in Portugal.

Folding chairs

On board, the Toyota APM has folding seats so that people in wheelchairs can also easily board. Compared to the first design, Toyota has learned a lot. In the first design, the wheelchair ramp was difficult to operate. It even took two people to slide it back in. Toyota fixed that. In the new design, the ramp slides in easily without too much effort.

Toyota APM 2024

Conventional clock store

The yellow tubular frames on the side are tiltable to facilitate boarding. On board, Toyota has kept everything else simple. We spy a conventional clock face with a speedometer that reaches 25 mph, a conventional steering wheel, a brake and accelerator pedal and two USB-C charging ports. And that pretty much sums up all the luxuries.

The Toyota APM is mainly about the underlying idea: making everyone mobile because everyone has the need to be able to get around, especially at a big event like the 2024 Summer Games.