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Toyota and Albert Heijn join hands for emission-free grocery shopping

October 31, 2023

More compact

The delivery truck based on the Toyota Proace Electric is the first delivery truck in the “Medium” segment, making it more compact than Albert Heijn’s other delivery trucks. With a length of 5.10, it saves about 2.30 meters, making it easier to maneuver in Amsterdam’s busy city center.


Toyota supplies the Proace Electric in several size options, the Worker, Long and also a double cab version. In addition, Toyota also supplies the Proace Electric Truck with a 50 kWh and a 75 kWh battery pack. The Proace Electric Truck is available with an open cargo box, a dump body or customization. The latter option was chosen for Albert Heijn’s delivery trucks.


Erwin Jongh, Program Manager Zero Emission at Toyota Netherlands: “We are extremely pleased with this trial together with Albert Heijn. With this test we are learning how a smaller delivery truck works in practice. By cleverly configuring the Proace Electric, we can still deliver to a maximum number of delivery addresses. Consideration has also been given to the working area of this car: downtown Amsterdam. One of the busiest inner cities, in which the size of the car plays a major role. Of course, the supporting systems have also been thought about. Therefore, the car is equipped with an extensive camera system and sensors that help the driver maneuver in the inner city. Delivering groceries home as cleanly, efficiently and safely as possible, that was our goal when developing this Proace Electric.”