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Top 5 motorcycle jeans for women in 2022

July 18, 2022

Pando Moto Lorica Kev 02

These motorcycle jeans are a must have for any trendy biker. The skinny fit provides an elegant fit, while the stretch panels ensure that the jeans are always a good fit both on and off the bike. Whatever your size, the Pando Moto Lorica 02 comes in a variety of length and width sizes. So those oversized pants with no model are a thing of the past!


John Doe Betty Biker

The fact that these women’s John Doe motorcycle jeans are still on the market is due to their enormous popularity. The nice thing about the John Doe Betty Biker is that it comes in several different versions. From a skinny fit to a Highwaist, there is always a version that fits your personality and style. Betty motorcycle pants come standard with both knee and hip protection.


Macna Jenny Pro

Macna is a Dutch brand and this is reflected in the fit of the Macna Jenny Pro. Regular Dutch sizes is what the pants are available in. Macna also offers the Jenny Pro as a short version. This way, if you are not so tall, you can still wear these motorcycle jeans. As standard, the pants come with knee protection. Should you like it, hip protection is also available separately.


REV’IT! Victoria 2 SF

Like Macna, REV’IT! is also a Dutch company, and also uses Western European sizing. The REV’IT! Victoria 2 SF motorcycle pants are slim fit jeans with a high waist. The pants are made of a flexible Cordura fabric that is not only abrasion resistant, but also extremely comfortable. At first glance, you wouldn’t think there was protection on the knees. But nothing could be further from the truth. REV’IT! has applied knee protection that you hardly see or feel, but provides protection when you need it.



PMJ Skinny Lady Denim

Italian company PMJ has been making super tough motorcycle jeans for years. They also have a lot to offer women. The PMJ Skinny Lady Denim women’s motorcycle jeans is one of the most stylish in the collection. With a slim fit and an elegant look, these jeans will become an almost essential item in the motorcycle closet of the female rider who likes to dress casually. The blue hard-wearing fabric is treated with a Stone Wash for a dark and light effect. The knee protection comes with it, and is also adjustable. Expanding the protection can be done with the separately available hip protection.