Electric driving

Top 10 Most Popular Used Electric Car Brands

February 2, 2022

1. Renault

Starting with Renault. The French were one of the first to storm the EV market with the Renault Zoe. The compact hatchback was available with different battery options, giving a wide choice in various ranges. A Renault Zoe occasion lowers the threshold to switch to electric driving, because the price of second-hand copies is relatively low. Renault’s other electric cars include the Twizy and the Fluenze ZE

2. Tesla

Buying a used Tesla is easy, because it is a popular car brand. The entire Tesla range consists of 100% electric cars. The business market is very interested in the Tesla models, because it brings a number of tax advantages. When you buy a used Tesla, you can use the large number of charging stations from its own network with a Tesla. The most popular model is the Tesla Model S. Other models include the smaller Model 3 and the larger Model X.

3. BMW

In recent years, BMW has increasingly focused on electric driving with the ‘i’ series within its range of models. The reason why you should choose a BMW is the premium quality and driving characteristics of a BMW. They try to make electric driving just as fun as driving a car with a diesel or petrol engine. The Germans’ most popular electric model is the now fairly affordable BMW i3 .

4. Nissan

That the Japanese are good with electronics proves Nissan all the more. For example, the Nissan Leaf was one of the first mass-produced electric cars. There is therefore a wide range of occasions. The Nissan Leaf range differs per battery size.

5. Opel

Opel also entered the world of electric driving at an early stage. It did with the Ampera, a futuristic-looking car that shared the platform with the Chevrolet Volt. The first generation was an electric car with a range extender. The second generation, the Ampera-e, is a fully electric car. The Ampera has dropped relatively sharply in value over the years, which can be a nice switch to electric driving for private individuals.

6. Volkswagen

Not only the cars with diesel or petrol engines from Volkswagen are popular, the electrically powered cars are too. Popular electric cars are, for example, the e-UP, the e-Golf and the ID.3. Buying a second-hand Volkswagen Golf does not have to be a problem because of the large selection. This car has been the best-selling car in the Netherlands for years. This is probably why Volkswagen has kept the appearance of the electric variant identical to the models with a combustion engine.

7. Hyundai

Hyundai is a popular car brand when it comes to electric cars. One of the most popular electric cars in the Netherlands is the Hyundai Kona Electric. The compact SUV is an attractive choice for anyone who wants to drive emission-free and affordably. Another option within Hyundai’s electric range is the Ioniq. Finding a Hyundai Ioniq occasion that suits your needs is doable and will only become easier as more electric cars will enter the second-hand market in the coming years.

8. Fiat

If you are looking for a 100% electric compact city car, the Fiat 500E is the perfect car for you. Due to numerous personalization options, a number of copies can be found that will undoubtedly stand out in the city. New, the Fiat 500E was never delivered in the Netherlands and was therefore imported en masse from the United States. Prices for a second-hand copy may therefore be higher than you would think beforehand. In any case, it does not make the Fiat less popular.

9. Kia

South Korean cars are known for their reliability. In fact, Kia is so assured of the quality of their cars that they offer a seven-year warranty on new ones. It is therefore possible that you still have a factory warranty if you buy a used car. A popular electric car from Kia is the Niro. A good used Kia Niro is only getting easier to find due to the popularity of the car among business drivers.

10. Audi

Audi is entering the EV market with its e-tron models. There is a lot of choice at Audi if you want to drive electrically. From compact hatchbacks to large SUVs, there is a model for every need. Please note that with a premium brand such as Audi, premium prices are also associated.