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This Triumph TR25 is here thanks to BMW

July 17, 2023

Triumph Motor Company

Exactly 100 years after Triumph Motor Company was founded as a sports car brand, the brand is once again making headlines thanks to Makkina with a new TR25 electric concept car. The car pays homage to the “Jabbeke” Triumph TR2, MVC575, which in May 1953 broke the overland speed record for production cars with an engine smaller than 2.0-liter.

Powertrain of BMW i3S

The Triumph TR25 features a futuristic, aerodynamically optimized exterior combined with a powertrain from a BMW i3S. Why a powertrain from BMW? Simple! BMW Group owns the rights to Triumph. Makkina received permission from BMW Group to develop this TR25. BMW itself has no plans to do anything with Triumph, but a small run of this TR25 may follow if there is enough demand.

Triumph TR25

A real sports car

By using the platform of an all-electric BMW i3S, Makkina was able to give the TR25 an almost 50-50 weight distribution, allowing it to take corners like a true sports car should. Combined with a low center of gravity and compact proportions, the i3S provides the perfect foundation for Makkina to develop the next chapter in British sports car history.


Michael Ani, director at Makkina, says: “Our goal was to update the true character of the original record-breaking ‘Jabbeke’ TR2 with our design, both through the interior and exterior. By using the BMW i3S platform, we can create a blend of old and new with the TR2-inspired body shape and the versatile and customizable powertrain, creating a seamless, all-electric experience. The i3S platform proves that electric driving can be fun! The combination of instant torque, acceleration, agility and silence is now as compelling as ever.”

“We are proud to have revived the Triumph Motor Company name and thank our friends BMW Group for the honor of badging a car that celebrates not only the 25th anniversary of our company Makkina, but also the 70th anniversary of the ‘Jabbeke’ TR2 record run and 100 years of this iconic Triumph Motor Company brand.”

Triumph TR25