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This Nissan X-Trail is a special slope ambulance

January 16, 2024

Maximum grip

The particular X-Trail has been stripped of all its wheels and fitted with tracks, giving the car maximum grip on any surface. The back seat is also gone, leaving room for a stretcher to transport injured winter sports enthusiasts. A stretcher and snow shovels were mounted on a special roof rack. Also on the roof are a siren, flashing lights and searchlights. In addition, Nissan mounted an additional row of lights on the hood.

Extreme conditions

In addition, Nissan has also substantially knocked out the wheel arches to make room for the special tracks. The running boards on the left and right are not just there for form, they make boarding easy: in fact, the special X-Trail is 23 centimeters higher than the regular version. A winch is mounted on the front bumper. And a reinforced tow bar is installed at the front and rear. Thus, this X-Trail is prepared for extreme conditions.


The special X-TRAIL uses electric e-4ORCE all-wheel drive, Nissan’s 4×4 system. The all-electric drive of the wheels (or tracks) allows the system to react quickly as grip changes. E-4ORCE responds within 1/10,000 second, which is about a thousand times faster than conventional all-wheel drive. In addition, the system can control the drive forces per wheel.