This lifehack will have your windshield iced over in no time

January 18, 2023

Crabs or stove?

In the winter, many Dutch people face a major dilemma in the morning: scratch or start the engine and let the heater do all the work. Of course, the layer of ice on your windshield does not disappear on its own. Getting the car to do the job itself takes a lot of time. An engine hardly runs hot when idling, but you can stay warm at the kitchen table. Scratching we find wiser anyway. It’s faster, you’ve had your morning work-out right away, and it doesn’t take a drop of gas. If you’re really in a hurry, use the solution you see in the video below.  


The video is on the hilarious YouTube channel Carhax. According to the description, “CarHax is your primary destination for incredible, unique and creative automotive experiments.” Not a word of that is true. Incredible, unique and creative can certainly be called their time-saving solution to de-icing your windshield in mere seconds. In the video, they even show how you can install this system on your own car with just a few minor modifications. How convenient!


Very sustainable this “life hack” is not. Both nature (even more emissions) and your car are not very happy about this. We would rather go for this clever sun visor trick, which allows you to defrost your windshield really quickly, without pyrotechnics. But okay, if you want a laugh, watch the video below: