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This is the all-new Renault Master: diesel, electric and even hydrogen

November 22, 2023

Renault Master available with different engines

All versions of the new Renault Master are built on the same assembly line, allowing a high degree of flexibility to meet specific customer requirements. For this reason, the Master also comes to market with a variety of powertrains. All engine and body variants come from the same factory in Batilly. Powertrains and transmissions are built in France, batteries are assembled in France and 84% of all suppliers are based in France. The new Renault Master comes with a diesel engine, with a battery-electric powertrain and even as a hydrogen-electric van.

Diesel BluedCi

The new Renault Master comes with a choice of four Diesel Blue dCi engines, with power ratings of 96, 110 and 125 kW (130, 150 and 170 hp). These engines consume significantly less fuel (1.5 l/100 km less on average) and have lowerCO2 emissions(39 g/km less, below 200 g/km) compared to the current Master. The diesel engines can be combined with a manual transmission or the newly developed nine-speed automatic transmission with torque converter as desired.

Renault Master E-Tech Electric

For customers who prefer all-electric drive, there are two choices. One has a 40 kWh battery, a range of 180 kilometers (WLTP) and a 96 kW (130 hp) and 300 Nm electric motor. The second has an 87 kWh battery, a range of more than 410 kilometers (WLTP) and an electric motor of 105 kW (143 hp) and 300 Nm.

The new, electric Renault Master has a payload of 1,626 kg, a range of more than 410 kilometers (WLTP) and a towing weight of 2.5 tons. Thanks in part to the battery temperature management system, energy consumption remains limited to 21 kWh/100 km (WLTP) for the 87 kWh battery version. Thanks to DC charging power of up to 130 kW, 229 kilometers of range can be recharged in 30 minutes at a fast charging station. Thanks to the 22 kW on-board charger, the battery can be charged from 10 to 100 percent in less than 4 hours at a 22 kW AC charging point.

Renault Master 2024


The new Renault Master was developed from the outset for the future application of hydrogen propulsion with fuel cell technology. More details on this will be announced by Renault at a later date.

Interior Renault Master

The interior of the new Master looks neat. The S-shaped dashboard adds to the spaciousness of the interior. The 10-inch screen – which is standard on all versions – adds to the visual appeal. The steering wheel comes from Renault’s passenger cars, while the steering wheel is adjustable in height and depth for the best seating position for each driver. On versions with an automatic transmission, the selector lever is on the steering wheel, creating even more space in the center console.

Inside, there is 135 liters of storage space. Everything you need can be stored in the dashboard: in one of the many storage compartments in the dashboard, in the cup holders, in the drawers of the glove box, on the shelf above the windshield and in two storage compartments in the doors. When the backrest of the middle seat is folded down, a work surface is created. A storage compartment for a laptop has been created at the base and USB-C ports have been incorporated into the dashboard for charging electronic devices. There is a wide range of seat variants, from sprung to individual seats and several types of sofas (two upholstered in fabric and one in TEP).

Design Renault Master

The front of the Renault Master is characterized by the new Renault brand logo and extra-large full LED headlights in a distinctive C-shape around the grille. A U-shaped frame under the grille can be finished in matte black or, on the more expensive versions, in body color. Customers can choose from seven different standard colors and more than 300 specially formulated shades. Thanks to many efforts in aerodynamics, the drag coefficient has been reduced by 20%. Even the smallest detail has helped: the hood is shorter, the windshield is positioned further forward and higher, the exterior mirrors have a better streamline, the bumper contains air guides, the roofline has a better streamlined shape and the rear end is narrower. Improved aerodynamics also improved acoustic comfort in the cabin.

Driver assistance systems

The Renault Master comes with a range of up to twenty intelligent assistance systems to enhance the safety of fellow road users and occupants. With regard to lateral stability, automatic emergency braking function and trailer stability, the active safety systems react very alertly, Renault promises. Also available is Intelligent Speed Assist, to help the driver not exceed the set speed limit.

V2L and V2G functions in electrical versions

The electrically powered versions of the new Renault Master will be available with Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) features. Power outlets in the cab and cargo area can be used to plug in adapters for power tools, computers and other  devices. Also, customized features (such as a refrigeration system, automatic rear doors, additional heating or air conditioning, etc.) can be powered directly by the drive battery. This type of feature is also known as Vehicle-to-Load (V2L). But the new, electric Renault Master can also deliver energy from the battery back to the power grid via a bi-directional charger, for example to help stabilize the power grid during peak hours. This technology is called Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G).

OpenR Link multimedia system

The OpenR Link multimedia system is standard on every model. The system includes a 10-inch touchscreen and works both wired and wirelessly with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for seamless smartphone integration. The number of new features continues to grow, and over a five-year period, free “over-the-air” updates are offered (just like a smartphone).

OpenR Link with integrated Google features

The new Master is the first light commercial vehicle (optional) to be offered with integrated Google functions for the OpenR Link system. Developed in collaboration with Google, the system runs on Android Automotive OS 12 and includes Google Maps navigation, the Google Play app catalog and the voice-activated Google Assistant.

The driver’s personal Google account can be linked to the new Renault Master for an optimal online experience – just like a smartphone. By default, the modular interface displays Google Maps, with the ability to add two widgets (such as Music, Phone, Google Assistant, Vehicle, Date and Time, Tire Pressure and more). The menu on the left of the screen can be used to navigate through various main pages (Home/Google Maps, Music, Apps, Vehicle). A wireless phone charger built into the dashboard is optional.

Google Assistant

Voice commands can be entered via Google Assistant (for example, to listen to music). Also, the virtual hands-free assistant can be used to listen to news reports or the weather forecast, control the air conditioning or turn the defrost function on or off, allowing the driver to keep his hands on the wheel and his eyes on the traffic.

Google Maps

Among other features, Google Maps provides real-time traffic information and data on “points of interest” (favorite restaurants or vendors, including opening times, phone numbers, etc.). It can be operated via voice control and the maps are always up-to-date. After linking with a personal Google account, the driver can also retrieve personal bookmarks.

My Renault: remote service to be one step ahead everywhere

To take interaction and proactivity to the next level, the driver can connect to the new Renault Master remotely via the My Renault app, for example, to:

Additional connectivity services from Mobilize

Especially for the new Renault Master, Mobilize offers several connectivity services:

What about space?

From the new Renault Master, a complete lineup for all professional needs will be launched. The range includes 20 body variants with a cargo volume of 11 to 22m3, with a 40 mm wider sliding side door and a 100 mm longer cargo floor – the longest in its segment. With its increased payload and cargo volume and increased length and width, the new Renault Master is an ideal commercial vehicle, taking convenience to the next level.

Twenty conversion options are available from the factory, so a number of modifications can be made directly during production (such as mounting a tilt bucket, extending the cab, adding additional cargo volume, etc.). Offering factory-assembled kits shortens delivery times and simplifies transport to the dealer.

The shorter wheelbase and new front axle offer unparalleled maneuverability and provide a 1.5-meter smaller turning radius. This makes the new Renault Master very user-friendly even in urban areas. Customers can also opt for a length variant L3 for urban transportation (L2 is the base version, L3 is available with front-wheel or rear-wheel drive, L4 has rear-wheel drive).

Like all Renault’s other electric models, the new Master features elements of the Human First program, which is designed to assist emergency services when the vehicle is involved in an accident:

Renault Master 2024