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This is how your bus becomes a business card for your company

February 14, 2024

When picking a company car, more than practicality comes into play. After all, your bus is also a business card. Each type and brand brings a unique look, just as the design can go in various directions. In this article, you will discover how to transform your bus into your company’s perfect business card.

A high-quality bus, nicely painted, with bright colors or a humorous slogan on the side attracts attention on the road, making potential customers more likely to recognize you. Even better is to arrive in a bus that looks peaky, rather than one that looks dirty and poorly maintained.

Here are some tips to turn your bus into the ideal business card for your business.

1. Professional look

Your company car is often the first image people get of your business. So make sure your bus looks clean and cared for. This contributes, consciously or unconsciously, to the image of your company. A representative bus reflects professionalism and commitment to quality.

2. Thoughtful design

Choose your brand and model consciously, matching your company’s identity. For a modern, fast look, a Volkswagen Caddy is a good choice. If you’re looking for more solidity and reliability, consider a Ford Transit Custom.

3. Efficient design

Good tools are half the battle. With an efficient layout of your bus, both internally and externally, you show expertise. For example, a painter often needs a roof rack. Thoughtful design shows not only practicality but also professionalism. Get advice from specialists for the best layout.

4. Stand out in traffic

In a standard white bus with no lettering, you don’t stand out. Take advantage of the opportunity for free advertising by prominently coloring your bus or branding it with your company name. At Dutch Vans, we offer professional lettering and even full wrapping.

5. Keep in line with your corporate identity

Make sure your bus colors and logo match your company’s corporate identity. A mismatch can be confusing. Make your logo stand out, in a way that suits what you want to convey.

6. Show environmental awareness

With an electric or eco-friendly bus, you show that your company is socially engaged and forward-looking. This always makes a positive impression. For example, check out the Nissan E-NV200.

7. Differentiate yourself

Your company car can help you stand out from competitors. Choose a vehicle that fits your business and stands out in your industry. Consider an alternative to the common choices in your industry.

8. A strong slogan

Finally, a unique slogan can linger or cause a smile. Depending on your business, a fun, clever or stylish slogan can be effective. Put your creative team to work coming up with something unique.

Need advice? Wondering how your bus can become your company’s ideal business card? For that, contact Dutch Vans, the place to buy the perfect commercial vehicle occasion. The experts are at your service.