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This is how customers put together the Bentley Batur (2 million euros)

June 2, 2023

18 copies of the Bentley Batur

Bentley is producing only 18 examples of the Batur, with the first 16 already fully specified. Customers choose very special compositions and have special materials incorporated into the cars, such as 3D-printed 18-carat gold and titanium. Under the hood of the Bentley Batur is always a 740 hp and 1,000 Nm W12.

Carbon fiber is not sustainable

Carbon fiber is known for its incredible balance of strength and low weight, but it is not a durable material. Bentley says: “New, natural alternatives to carbon fiber are now possible using high-performance composites made from flax – a durable ‘super fiber’. This immensely strong and incredibly lightweight material is perfectly suited for application throughout the Batur.”

Bentley Batur in four themes

To give an idea of what customers are choosing, Bentley shows four themes. Each with its own features and mix of materials. These photos include the Nebula with a “wasabi” like color, the Supernova in the Sunbean color, the Hyperspace in the Daybright Blue color, and the Dark Matter in the Fine Brodgar and Black Crystal twotone color scheme. Uniquely, customers also get a sort of “mood board” on which they can see the exterior colors and materials mix. Thus, their wishes become tangible and they can judge whether they still want to modify it or not.

Bentley Batur