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This car has a limited top speed of 424 mph

November 25, 2022

Zenvo TSR-GT

Zenvo has now released several models on the TS platform. Consider the TSR-S with 1,177 horsepower powertrain. A new model is now coming: the Zenvo TSR-GT. That one has even more power: 1,360 hp. That power is drawn from a 5.8-liter V8 engine with two superchargers.

No Centripetal rear wing

The biggest difference is that the ingenious Centripetal rear wing – which makes contra movements in corners for extra downforce – is missing on the GT variant. As a result, the car is much more streamlined. At higher speeds, there is less drag, which is beneficial for achieving higher speeds. The final drive of the transmission is also a lot longer than normal. Still, Zenvo feels compelled to cap the top speed at 424 mph. Otherwise, it all gets a little too crazy.

Zenvo TSR-GT

Zenvo’s top executive speaking

Jens Sverdrup, Chief Commercial Officer and Chairman of Zenvo’s Board of Directors, says: “A new era beckons for Zenvo, but before then we have created our interpretation of a GT variant of the TS platform. We will make only three models, all of which are assigned to worldwide collectors. The TSR-GT is the latest edition of the TS Zenvo platform. The TS platform was originally developed in 2016. We created the race-only TSR, TS1 GT and famous TSR-S hypercars on the TS platform. The latest – and possibly last – model in this successful series is a limited-edition TSR-GT; a low-drag, high-speed version of the TSR-S.”

Zenvo TSR-GT

New generation of Zenvo in Q3 2023

Zenvo Automotive is working behind the scenes on a car that is completely new from A to Z. It is expected to come to market in the third quarter of 2023. Of course, that is another hypercar, but more future proof. We are curious.

Zenvo TSR-GT