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This app will make you drive more quietly

March 28, 2024

Driving faster

Music affects how we feel and behave, even when we are behind the wheel. Young drivers in particular often do not notice that certain music often makes them drive faster. To address this, Peugeot has developed the new app “Road Sessions,” which is now available in the Netherlands. This app mixes music while you drive and encourages you to drive safely.

How it works.

The Road Sessions app uses information about how you drive, where you are, what route you are taking and what the speed limit is. With this, the app chooses music to suit your ride. He considers things like the rhythm, danceability, volume and energy of the music, because some songs can make you drive faster unnoticed.

The app adjusts the music based on the speed limit, so you always hear appropriate music. If you drive too fast, the app adjusts the music to encourage you to drive more slowly. The Road Sessions app plays music from specially selected radio stations from the Peugeot development team. The app also includes a special playlist compiled by renowned DJ and producer Tom Trago. The Road Sessions app is now available for free download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.