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These three things you can do with Apple CarPlay

August 10, 2023

In more and more new cars, you can use CarPlay. CarPlay is a feature you can use with a device that uses iOS. For example, you can pair your iPhone or your iPad with your car using CarPlay. All iPhones newer than the iPhone 5 support this feature. To do so, of course, you need a car that has this integration. If you are buying a new car, considering this feature may be well worth it. Because you can use this feature for quite a few applications.

CarPlay in your car

CarPlay is standard on all iPhones and can be used with your car, provided it supports the feature. This feature is usually built into the car entertainment system. Even if you don’t have a car with this support, you can still bring CarPlay to your car. There are a number of car radio manufacturers that allow you to take advantage of this feature. But what exactly can you do with it?

Using Siri

As a motorist, you know that you are not allowed to hold an iPhone while driving the car. The fine, meanwhile, is already over 340 euros; a hefty sum. For that money, you already have a nice CarPlay set in your car. For this reason, the idea is to use CarPlay in conjunction with Siri. In fact, the system is designed so that it enhances safety in the car. You can use your voice to control this function. Just press the button and Siri is immediately at your disposal.

Then you can give Siri all kinds of commands. For example, you can ask Siri to navigate you to a particular destination, whether you have any unread messages or to call your partner. You can do this while you have your hands on the wheel. That’s a lot safer!


Using CarPlay with your iPhone is very easy in practice. With CarPlay in your car, you no longer need another navigation system. Thanks to this integration, the days of having all sorts of separate devices in your car to navigate are well and truly over. In fact, CarPlay has Apple Maps on board by default. This feature is one of the most important features of CarPlay. The great thing is that you can update the maps anytime, without having to pay for them. A lot more convenient than the separate navigation systems. Once on the road, you can ask Siri to navigate from A to B. Then the Maps app appears and you can immediately see where you are.

Did Siri not hear you quite right? Then you can also click on the magnifying glass when you are on the side of the road before you leave. Then you can enter a location via the keyboard. A screen also appears with all the destinations you have recently driven to. In addition, you see several contacts you can navigate to. Then, of course, you must have entered the address of that contact. CarPlay has fast and highly accurate navigation. If you’re used to the iPhone’s good navigation, then you know what to expect with CarPlay. In fact, the GPS signal comes from your iPhone. Note that it does drain your smartphone battery a little faster. Therefore, you would be wise to connect your iPhone to the charging cable when using this feature.

Apps with CarPlay support

Since CarPlay works pretty much the same as iOS, you can also install all sorts of apps. The prerequisite is that the app has CarPlay support. More and more apps such as Spotify and WhatsApp offer this support. For example, you can enjoy your favorite music in your Spotify playlist on the go and you can use Siri to send a message to a contact on WhatsApp. On you will find a comprehensive list of the best CarPlay apps. That way, you can also use TuneIn or Audible, for example. Mainly Music apps are available for your car radio, but a variety of other apps are also being added. Basically, CarPlay offers support for audio and messaging apps, voip and car maker apps and finally navigation apps.

So the range is relatively limited, but Apple is also integrating more and more new features into CarPlay by default. It is a feature that is being actively developed, so you can expect more frequent and better updates than with a standard navigation system.