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These new Range Rover versions are from another planet!

June 28, 2024

Oldest stories and deepest mysteries

Range Rover presents an exclusive collection of specially created Range Rover Sport SV models. According to the brand, the series is inspired by the world’s oldest stories and deepest mysteries. The Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection – the first of its kind from Range Rover – consists of five unique versions inspired by mythology and the universe.

From Gaea to Sol

Each variant offers a unique and personalized interpretation of the luxury performance SUV. This is reflected in specially created paint colors and unique interior inscriptions and finishes. In the Netherlands, the offering at selected SV retailers concentrates on the Range Rover Sport SV Gaea Curation.

Range Rover Sport SV Gaea Curation

Gaea, inspired by Greek mythology, symbolizes the beginning of life and the earth. This version takes its inspiration from land and sea and features a unique Green Terre Matte lacquer. The Gaea symbol, a wave hitting land, is visible on the car. The exhausts are forged carbon fiber and the brakes are ceramic carbon with bronze calipers, giving a modern, natural look. The roof and exterior mirror caps are finished in Narvik Black, and the badges are detailed with Graphite Atlas and Narvik Black designs. Inside, there are two color themes. One theme combines Caraway Windsor leather with Kvadrat wool blend, Natural Brown Silver Birch wood trim and tonal stitching. The other theme offers a leather-free interior in Ebony and Cinder Grey with a matching steering wheel and Natural Black-Silver Birch wood trim.

A luxurious New Range Rover SUV with a sleek exterior, brown leather interior and illuminated

Range Rover Sport SV Theia Curation

Theia, daughter of Uranus and Gaea, represents sight and shimmering light. Inside, you’ll find a symbol of sight and light on the headrests and console. This theme appears everywhere, as in Theia’s eye, lunar landscapes or constellations. The interior can be finished in Ebony and Ecru Windsor leather with Kvadrat wool blend or in Ebony and Pimento Windsor leather with contrast stitching. The center console is finished in Satin Forged Carbon Fibre. The exterior is Ilmenite Grey Satin with metallic flakes inspired by the moon and the car has 23-inch rims in Champagne Gold and a Carbon Ceramic braking system with black calipers.

A black Range Rover SUV is shown, highlighting its sleek exterior, luxurious beige and black leather seats and high-tech interior console - truly a vehicle from another planet.

Range Rover Sport SV Io Curation

Io, known as the most volcanically active moon in our solar system, inspired a striking orange lacquer: Cyllene Gloss. This lacquer seems to constantly change color. The exterior features Gloss Twill Carbon Fibre exhausts, a Carbon Fibre hood and 23-inch rims. The braking system is Carbon Ceramic with silver calipers. Inside, you have a choice of a combination of Ebony and Lunar Windsor leather with 3D knit seat covers and Satin Twill Carbon Fibre trim, or Ebony and Rosewood leather for a more distinctive interior with matching details.

Inside view of a Range Rover with brown and black leather seats with ergonomic design and headrests, with the new trims that make this vehicle feel like it comes from another planet.

Range Rover Sport SV Vega Curation

Vega, inspired by the bright star from the Lyra constellation, has an exclusive blue lacquer: Verrier Blue, named after astronomer Urbain La Verrier. The symbol of downturned wings adorns the car. The exterior features a Gloss Twill Carbon Fibre hood and exhausts, 23-inch rims and Nano Yellow brake calipers. Inside, there are two options. The first option combines Light Ebony and Perlino leather seats with the symbol on the headrests and Natural Cream Ash Burr wood trim. The second option includes leather-free upholstery in Raven Blue and Ebony with tonal stitching and Natural Black Birch wood trim.

Range Rover Sport SV Sol Curation

Sol, inspired by the sun, has a striking Aurora Yellow lacquer, referring to the northern lights. The roof and exterior mirror caps are in Gloss Narvik Black, with other parts and exhausts in Satin Forged Carbon Fibre. The 23-inch rims are in Black and the brakes have Blue Nebula calipers. Interior options are a combination of Navy Windsor leather with contrasting stitching in Light Cloud and matching floor mats, or leather-free Ebony upholstery with Nano Yellow stitching and details in Satin Forged Carbon Fibre.

Collage of the new Range Rover showing the front view, the interior seats and a close-up of the door frame with the text