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These Chinese cars are very safe – Euro NCAP crash test results

December 7, 2023

Are Chinese cars safe?

The Chinese auto industry has made great strides in quality and technological innovation in recent years. Brands such as BYD and NIO are marketing models that are increasingly approaching European standards. But what about safety? To test that, Euro NCAP again put some cars up against the wall.

The independent institute examines the safety of new cars through a number of realistic scenarios. A car is tested by colliding in different ways: frontally, sideways, against a stationary object and against a pedestrian. It also looks at the active safety systems present. Based on the results, a car is rated from zero to a maximum of five stars.

Euro NCAP test score

That Chinese automakers are investing heavily in implementing advanced safety systems and technologies, such as autonomous emergency braking systems, lane assist and adaptive cruise control, is evident. All Chinese models achieve the maximum score of five stars. Safety for the adult occupant, child occupant, pedestrians and driver assistance systems (Safety Assist) are considered in the assessment. The Chinese models in question are: